Product Design

Our product design capabilities include: Sketch concept development; Concept renderings 2D/3D; Method & Form exploration; Brand attributes; Solid and surface CAD modeling; Color analysis;  Mock-ups & Prototyping; Product Engineering.


Exhibition Design

Our exhibition design service include: Material research; Technical drawing; Lighting design; Display design; Interaction design; Exhibition Installation design.


Furniture Consulting

Our team works directly with architects / clients to develop client specific design solutions. We also works closely with the manufacturers and engineers to provide innovations in manufacturing. Our Capabilities include: Furniture / Lighting product development; Custom furniture design & making; Research of user experiences; Furniture Marketing; Strategies for contemporary trends. 


Packaging Design

Our package design capabilities include: Structure development; Mock-ups & Prototyping; Concept renderings; Product branding; Graphic solution; Electronic prepress etc.


Spatial Design

Our spatial design service focuses on small scale interior project ranging from retail, commercial, hospitality, public and residential.


3D Architectural Visualization

Our 3D visualization service package include: 

3D Modeling (Architecture / Interior / Master Planing) ; Hyper-Realistic 3-D Renderings for interior / Exterior (Day and Night Scene); 3D Animation Services. Click here for our previous projects