Fugu Bag

People carry more and more electronic products everyday, such as laptops, i-pads, cameras, i-phones, and those things are quite fragile and sensitive, not only fragile but also carry a huge amounts of our own business and personal data and that also need to be protected. The bag is intended for people who work and live in the urban environment. It protects your precious pods and gadgets from dangers in the outer world.

The material we used for the bag is heavy-duty technical fabric that made of carbon-fiber double side coated with polyurethane. we assembled each fabric panel by using high frequency welding techniques rather than traditional sewing; it is stronger and brings bag to better waterproof level.

The inflatable system consists with special TPU films provide a high tensile, high elongation and resilient features. It is also capable to burden weight and absorb impact. It is hided inside of lining, once inflated the bag, you will get more protection for your equipment.

After tested and balanced more than 50 different inflatable patterns with TPU, we choose one of the most efficient shapes that can be inflated in 1 minute and deflated just in 10 second. You can also choose two ways to inflate your bag, blow or pump it up.

The numerous of gadgets blurred the boundary between private life and professional works. With an organized containing space can make your way more efficient. This containing space furnished with loop fabric that provides a system of bags and pouches that structures your gadgets in a smart way. So it allows keep stuffs all close at the same time, especially when you're on the move.