Working at Readymade Projects With Stephen Burks

I started to work as Stephen's design assistant since early February.  I was lucky enough to be given this great opportunity that directly connects with my professional interests in working with Italian furniture brand such as DedonCalligaris and Luxury brands such as Harry Winston. In Readymade Projects I also had a lot of experience of hands on the design process, modeling and making handmade Objects. The entire process was fun and of course with a lot of hard workings together with my co-worker Alberto who is absolutely  talented and with a lot of professional experience. So this 3 month had really been a very intensive and concentrated period in my life to help me learn and grow. I'm writing this post to showcase some of our studio works for the 2013 Salone which I think is very significant to our development. Finally Congratulations to the great success Stephen had made this year!  ( By Hongchao Wang)


Hongchao WangComment